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產(chǎn)品概覽 技術(shù)規格 資料下載 行業(yè)應用


WDI’s ATF2-LV is a high speed, high accuracy, autonomous digital autofocus sensor system. Its “Smart Sensor Architecture” (SSA) incorporates a semiconductor laser, built-in CMOS image sensor, FPGA and microprocessor for fastdigital image processing. By projecting a laser dot onto the sample and digitally processing the image, the ATF2-LV brings the microscope quickly to close vicinity of final focus. The sensor then refines focus using image contrast analysis.

100% Focusing Success

The ATF2-LV has all the advantages of a digital laser autofocus system such as high speed, a large capture range and fast operation regardless of the objective being used. These advantages are combined with the benefits of video signal derived focusing such as reliability, immunity to “bad spots” and low cost to produce an effective system with 100% focusing success rate with no comprise to either speed or range regardless of the specimen or target.

Maximum Flexibility

The ATF2-LV sensor is designed to automatically adjust its laser intensity as well as the image sensor’s exposure time, allowing it to adapt to a wide variety of specimens, from low reflectivity (down to 1%) to highly reflective (up to 99%). It is compatible with objective lenses from 2X to 100X magnification, and wavelengths from UV to NIR. As the ATF2-LV utilizes fast laser based course autofocus then switches to video image based fine focus it is designed for static applications without the need for dynamic tracking.

Easy Integration

All of the sensors in WDI’s ATF family are designed with ease of integration in mind. They are compatible with most types of infinity corrected microscope objectives. The ATF2-LV can be integrated with either WDI’s MCM+ controller for driving an

external Z stage or MCZ controller which includes the ability to drive a two-phase stepper motor for Z actuation. All WDI’s ATF sensors have small, standardized footprints and connections, and can output in either analog or digital formats, making them both easy to install and easy to upgrade as application requirements evolve.