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產(chǎn)品概覽 技術(shù)規格 資料下載 行業(yè)應用

Increased Throughput & Efficiency
The use of sensitive large-format line scan sensors and new large field of view high resolution objectives enable semiconductor, FPD and electronics manufacturers to speed up the inspection process . These increases lead to greater manufacturing efficiencies and production throughput.
Field of View Optics
The MMS LFOV incorporates specialized components of WDI’s Modular Microscope System (MMS) engineered to support LFOV objectives and cameras. The system uses a motorized Z-Axis Actuator, MMS body and 1X Tube Lens which have been engineered to ensure the highest optical quality is maintained over the entire sensor.
Automated Focus and Illumination
The MMS LFOV is able to incorporate any one of WDIs Autofocus Sensors and illumination options to create a completely autonomous inspection system which can be controlled with a single control unit. The flexibility in autofocus and perfectly homogeneous illumination allows the MMS LFOV to be used in a wide variety of manufacturing applications including semiconductor, FPD, OLED, packaging and photovoltaic and solar panel inspection.
Practical Design
To handle the high demands of manufacturing facilities, the MMS LFOV features rugged industrial components, a small footprint and low weight, even when fully automated. Its modular nature allows it to be completely upgradable,
ensuring the best performance for all current and future applications.