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產(chǎn)品概覽 技術(shù)規格 資料下載 行業(yè)應用

To meet the demanding requirements for applications such as Laser Micromachining, Stealth Scribing and In Line Optical Inspection, WDI has collaborated with its customers to develop automated modular microscopy systems (MMS). These systems include varying requirements such as large field of view optics, efficient multi wavelength laser delivery and illumination, real time tracking autofocus, fast lens changers and accurate Z-axis actuators. As the MMS is completely modular it is adaptable to any application and environment. It can be configured with any of WDI’s microscopy automation components including its Auto Focus Sensors (ATF), Linear Lens Changes (LLC), Z- Axis Actuators (ZAA) as well as a variety of illuminators, tube lenses and controllers. The MMS is compatible with objectives provided by most major microscopy companies, including Near Infrared and large diameter high resolution lenses. It can be equipped with a laser port for the introduction of machining lasers, and is designed to allow the addition of digital imaging cameras, CCD arrays and zoom lenses. WDI has also created a Differential Interference Microscope Kit, to further expand the power of the MMS by adding a DIC capability.

A clear focus on microscopy automation

By utilizing advanced optics, innovative mechanical design and quality materials the MMS meets the demands of many industries for a configurable, small footprint, light weight microscope. It does this while remaining rugged and reliable enough to withstand the harshest manufacturing and in line inspection environments.

Benefits of the MMS
High quality image acquisition attributable to both advanced optics and optical components engineered for digital imaging
Increased efficiency and minimum downtime resulting from rugged materials and mechanical design with a focus on exceeding the demands of manufacturing environments
Compromise free performance due to modular components which permit customization and configuration tailored to specific applications and requirements
Longevity and an excellent ROI thanks to the modularity of the system which allows upgrading and addition of features and functions as needs evolve
Minimal footprint and space requirements with no sacrifice to automation owing to the compact and light weight materials, simple design and integration of components

At the heart of the MMS is the Main Body unit. Like many MMS components each unit is constructed using light weight aluminium creating a compact design and small footprint which remains riged and rugged enough to handle the harshest environments. A meticulous manufacturing process and strict quality control ensure an accurate precise optical path perfect for digital imaging. As all MMS Main Bodies come with an integration kit they are easily paired with a WDI ATF module. The careful machining also ensures that all other WDI MMS components are easily integrated. The Main Body features a variety of mounting options for gantry and other frames making incorporation of a complete MMS into any manufacturing environment easy.
In order to accommodate the wide variety of digital imaging cameras and devices available today, the MMS features a number of different Tube Lens options. Like the Main Body, each Tube Lens has been precisely manufactured and quality control inspected to ensure both an accurate optical path and perfect image projection. All Tube Lens options available on the MMS have been designed for digital imaging. Recognizing the need to integrate newer line scan and large format CCD/CMOS cameras the MMS also features a Tube Lens option specifically designed with a larger field of view. To further ensure ease of integration the Tube Lens’ also have the ability to accommodate both industry standard C-Mount and F-Mount imaging devices.
Understanding that customer requirements vary the MMS Lens Changer family features a variety of Linear Lens Changers (LLC) and rotary lens turrets to suit every application. All units are precision engineered and manufactured to maintain a high level of accuracy, repeatability and reliability. WDI designed the LLC line with speed in mind using shaft linear motors which can change between nearby lenses in 0.2 seconds and across five lenses in less than 0.4 seconds. New to the LLC family is the LLC+, a modular version of the LLC which accepts different objective insert plates allowing unprecedented flexibility in how a system may be configured. Advanced features of the LLC include the ability to utilize high resolution, large diameter objectives and provide illumination via objective ring lights. The onboard encoders built into each LLC give them a positioning accuracy of 0.1 micrometers, ensuring reliable, accurate and repeatable performance, every time. Finally, the LLC line is Class 10 cleanroom certified and designed with a small footprint and light weight materials permitting integration into the most demanding manufacturing environments.